Friday, February 19, 2010

Women's History Month

Did you know that Women’s History Month is observed during March? The illustrator of our own DOWN IN THE SUBWAY has gone above and beyond in organizing a series of events for the month. Rather than focusing on the women of the distant past, Melanie Hope Greenberg has put together a series of events that focus on six contemporary women who are author-illustrators. (They are also all Brooklynites, but that’s another story.)

After an opening event on March 4th at Superfine (where their artwork will remain on display for two weeks) Selina Alko, Miriam Cohen, Pat Cummings, Melanie Hope Greenberg, Aileen Leijten, and Meghan McCarthy will be at independent bookstores around Brooklyn to read, sign books, and talk about their work.

Of this impressive roster, both Miriam Cohen and Melanie Hope Greenberg have published with Star Bright Books. They collaborated on the magical DOWN IN THE SUBWAY and Miriam has published more than a dozen additional titles here, including the indispensable ‘We Love First Grade!’ series. (When I was teaching, I couldn’t start the school year without additional copies of WILL I HAVE A FRIEND for families to borrow.)

We’re thrilled to be part of this celebration and hope that you’ll celebrate with these women, too—come to an event, stop by your local library or bookstore and pick up a book, visit their websites, send them a note…but above all, be inspired by what women are contributing to the contemporary history of art and literature for children and families.

You can find the complete schedule of events here.

The participating venues are:
Greenlight Bookstore
P.S. Bookshop


  1. I kept it Brooklyn because this is my first time getting other people bookstore readings and a show. So I kept my territory small. I've had wonderful relationships with Book Court and P.S. Bookshop. Greenlight Books is the new kid on the block owned by a women. I thought that fit the theme of the events. I know Pat Cummings since the very beginning of my career. She has always been a generous colleague. I've worked with Miriam Cohen on DOWN IN THE SUBWAY and we are dear friends. Selina Alko has always been open, helpful and had visited my table at the Dumbo Arts Fest. Aileen Leijten showed up for my book signing last fall at P.S. Bookshop with her daughter. She is local Dumbo where I hang out. I chose Meghan because her books were blogged by Betsy Bird and they were funny and quirky.

    If I was to continue in this vein, the next round of people will be a mix and would spread out more to include some interested bookstores in NYC. But I need to rest first ;-)