Friday, March 12, 2010

You Are What You Eat?

We’ll admit it; our weekly ‘Donut Meeting’ probably indicates that we work in the kind of office that might overlook the fact that March is National Nutrition Month. But now that we do know, there are a few books that seem to be leaping off the shelves, custom written reminders that we should pause and think about what we’re eating.

In TOO MANY PEARS, Pamela the cow's favorite food becomes an obsession. One pear? Fine. Two pears? Maybe. But when this cow starts eating every pear within reach, no one in the farmer’s family is happy. After some trial and error, they come up with a solution. Why not let her eat all the pears she wants? Will too much of a good thing be what finally stops this pear-crazy cow?

When the gumball machine delivers a ring instead of bubble gum, Peggy can’t hide her disappointment. After turning the ring round and round her finger, a genie appears and grants her one wish— and she asks for THE SWEET TOUCH. At first a chocolate rug and a licorice jump rope are a dream, but what to do when you’re ready for bed and all you have are taffy blankets and cotton candy pillows? And will her inexperienced genie be able to turn off this candy generating touch?

While doing some research on National Nutrition Month, we ran across a familiar phrase. The American Dietetic Association suggests 'Eating the Rainbow' as a family activity. As it turns out, we have an award-winning book with that title! Why not let your toddler use EATING THE RAINBOW as a guide for choosing healthy snacks?

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