Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Down in the Subway

After a streak of hot-hot-hot days here in New York, it has finally cooled off. At Star Bright Books, we're all rejoicing. New York humidity causes freshly laundered clothes to cling like sopping rags to the skin, which makes the subway rides we take around the city nothing but miserable.

It would be so wonderful to walk into the train car and be greeted by a “cool blue Island breeze” instead of more oppressive heat, or how about a steel drum band instead of the noisy screech of wheels scraping the rails. Imagine stepping off the gray platform and stepping into a whole Island town!

In Down in the Subway by Miriam Cohen, a young boy named Oscar is riding a hot, hot subway train when suddenly "the Island Lady" comes and turns the trip into a magical adventure. Out from her bag she pulls the Caribbean Sea, delicious foods, live music, and fun for all. The subway riders are treated to the best party ever as the subway car is whisked through the tunnel.

Kids don’t like hot, sticky subway rides, but even if the little one isn’t familiar with the subway system at all, he or she will really love the lively, fun narrative of Down in the Subway. Each page is exploding with beautiful, bright illustrations that will surely draw everyone in. Even if you’re not going on vacation to a tropical paradise anytime soon, it’s a welcome invitation to escape for just a little while - if only in your imagination. Kids will want to read it again and again, and you will, too.

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