Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Animal Colors, Les Couleurs des Animaux, 動物顏色...

Learning to read is one of the most exciting developments in a child's early life. Finally making a connection between the symbols on the page and the words that they know is thrilling and instantly rewarding. What's the first step? Learning the alphabet. Learning to count. Learning the different colors of the rainbow.

What about bilingual children? What about trilingual children? What about children who want know more languages than you can count on one hand?

While the last category is most definitely a rare occurrence, it is not unusual for parents to want their children to learn more than one language growing up, or for children to express interest in knowing more than they simply encounter in the everyday. For this purpose, we offer our books in over 20 different languages. Whether you want to teach the little one English ABC's or how to count in Farsi, we have a range of board books to suit your needs. Open up a book and open up the possibilities!

Check out our multiple Brian Wildsmith titles, all offered in multiple language translations: ABC's, Animals to Count, Opposites, Animal Colors, Farm Animals, and Zoo Animals. Wildsmith's colorful illustrations will make learning interesting and fun, and are a great place to start. Whether your language of choice is French, Navajo, or Tagalog, we have a book for you. Check it out!

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