Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Barnaby Bennett

Kids are notorious for getting dirty. They love to climb trees, track sand onto the carpets, play in the dirt, and, on occasion, eat grass. It is not rare to find your favorite dress smeared with lipstick and food stains following a bout of “playing dress-up,” or a your countertops caked in a suspicious-looking kitchen experiment. Still – there is something quite special about the silly antics little ones are infamous for. And that is why we bring you Barnaby Bennett.

Nonconformist to the max, young Barnaby Bennett won’t wear anything that’s not the color red. In fact, he loves his outfit so much, he never changes. He wears his red clothes to school. He wears his red clothes to bed. And the odor, as days wear on, grows potent and offensive. It takes a clever aunt with outstanding sewing skills to finally save Barnaby’s family from their walking stink bomb dilemma.

Ali Teo’s illustrations are fantastic, crossing casual animation with a collage of different textiles and paper mediums. Hannah Rainforth’s rhyme has a bouncy cadence that will have kids, and yourself, asking for more. Pick up Barnaby Bennett today!

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