Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eating the Rainbow

Getting a young child to eat healthy food is no small feat. Achieving a balanced diet is difficult when food is considered to be either “yummy” or “yucky.” So how can you make eating both broccoli and strawberries fun? Show kids that Eating the Rainbow is both nutritious and enjoyable!

In this board book for children, photographs of different foods are grouped by color. Babies and toddlers will love identifying the different items on the page, which range from figs and eggplant for purple to corn and pineapple for yellow. Make the experience even more fun by snacking along as you read!

Eating the Rainbow is a fun educational book for the very young, and they’ll want to point out all the different colors and foods they eat after reading this book. Make sure you eat a rainbow of foods, too – kids learn by watching as well! Turn snack time into an adventure with Eating the Rainbow.

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