Friday, June 11, 2010


Playing pretend is an integral part of any childhood. Dressing up as a pirate, lion, or wizard provides countless hours of fun and excitement. It allows the imagination to truly blossom in entertaining and unexpected directions.

But what happens when you have no choice but to dress up all the time?

Meet Gideon. He’s a chameleon, and he finds that changing his appearance all the time is anything but fun. He can’t make any friends, since no one can see him. He can’t even warn anyone of upcoming danger. He begins to wonder if there is anything good that can come out of his unique color-changing ability. But just when it seems that all is hopeless, he finds a way to use his special skill to save the jungle animals!

Francesca Greco uses vibrant watercolor illustrations to bring the story of Gideon the chameleon to life. Children will love seeing Gideon change from blue, to red, to orange, to spotted, to striped, and to multi-colored. Pick up a copy and read along with your kid about nature’s greatest master of disguise!

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