Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How Do You Get a Mouse to Smile?

Kids can get really moody. When something doesn't go according to plan, it's not uncommon for a kid to spend hours moping or dragging his or her feet. Sometimes they won't tell you what's wrong, and you're forced to play guessing games. Did soccer tryouts not turn out so well? Was a test grade less than stellar? Did an art project get ruined?

The things we do to try and get kids to smile again can range from the reasonable to the ridiculous. Sometimes an ice cream cone just won't cut it. Though it usually doesn't take a trip to the circus every time something is wrong to get the little one smiling again, sometimes it can be really hard figuring out exactly how to make things okay again.

Pets, when moping, can be a lot like kids. It's hard to communicate what's making them blue, so we have to guess. Is the menu of kibble getting kind of boring? Is the scratching post no longer fun anymore? Has the hamster wheel lost its charm?

In How Do You Get a Mouse to Smile?, Lyle doesn't know why his pet mouse won't smile. So he calls up all his friends, and they go to great lengths to try and entertain Lyle's little friend. Backflips, magic tricks, jokes - nothing works. Lyle and his friends wear themselves out doing everything they can think of...except for the one surefire thing that will make a mouse smile.

Kids will love Bonnie Grubman's silly rhyme and Cornelius Van Wright's equally goofy and whimsical illustrations. It's a book they'll want to revisit again and again. Learning how to get a mouse to smile will definitely pick your kid out of a gloomy mood. How do you get a kid to smile? By reading them this book! Get your copy today!

ALSO - If you're going to be at the ALA Annual Conference this weekend, be sure to drop by! Cornelius Van Wright will be there on the 26th and 27th.

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