Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jungle Party

It's getting hotter and hotter every day now that it's officially summer. As the days get longer and the temperatures stay balmy, party season really begins to kick in. Backyard BBQ gatherings, poolside hangouts, and outdoor weddings pop up all over the calendar after Memorial Day Weekend and don't cool off until September.

Of course, not all summer parties and get-togethers are glitch-free. Relaxing in flip flops while enjoying ice-cold lemonade under a large umbrella does not guarantee an absence of drama. Sometimes the good times can make you relax too much - and stop being cautious.

In Jungle Party, Python has been hungry for quite some time but can't catch any food. So he invites all of the jungle animals to a party. Of course they all agree - who says "no" to a great party invitation? - but as they get carried away by the excitement, Python decides to pull a not-so-awesome trick. And if Elephant hadn't passed by at the right time, the most fun jungle party ever could have been the very worst.

Kids are going to love this book. Brian Wildsmith's fun and engaging story is complimented by his amazing, colorful illustrations. Parents will enjoy reading aloud this entertaining story with a valuable life lesson to tell. Get your copy today!

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