Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Madison and the Two Wheeler

It's that time of year. Schools are starting to let out for the summer, and kids across the country are celebrating. It's summertime! Time to play games in the backyard, go swimming, or toss a frisbee around in the park. It's time for exploration - a trip to a zoo, theme park, or foreign country! Summer is a time for fun in the sun - all day, every day!

It's also a time for learning lessons. And what better time to learn the important lesson of perseverance?

In Madison and the Two Wheeler, warm weather means prime bike-riding time. The problem is, Madison doesn't know how to ride a two-wheeled bike just yet. And when she tries, and falls, she is sure that she will never ride a bike successfully without training wheels. But with some encouragement, she learns that all it takes is hope and practice to make her dream a realization.

Kids will definitely identify with Madison and her fear of falling. Riding a bike without training wheels for the first time can be scary! I know I certainly fell many, many times before finally getting the hang of it. But getting back on the bike after each spill led to me eventually coasting down the block without a single mishap.

Vanita Braver teaches this lesson in growing up in an inspring, creative way through the story of Madison. Carl DiRocco brings the tale to life with his fun, colorful illustrations. It's a perfect summertime read - get your copy today!

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