Monday, June 7, 2010

The Magic Flute

Here at Star Bright Books, we understand the entertainment value of a well-loved theater production that translates beautifully to a book adaptation for children. So we’ve picked The Magic Flute as the book of the day. The Magic Flute is one of the most famous and beloved operas of all time, and was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who also penned the classic Don Giovanni, The Marriage of Figaro, and numerous other musical compositions. The Magic Flute was Mozart’s final work, as he fell ill soon after its premier, and passed away just a little over a month afterward. Nonetheless, his magnificent piece lives on! Kyra Teis’ adaptation of The Magic Flute retains the exciting energy of the opera, using beautiful illustrations to bring the tale to life. Teis keeps the adventure enjoyable while making it accessible to a wide audience. Kids will love discovering the magical story of Prince Tamino, who seeks to save his love Princess Pamina. Available in both hardcover and paperback editions.

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