Friday, July 30, 2010

A Child's Garden of Verses

Poetry is a tricky thing. Sometimes it can be life-changing and wonderful, and other times it can be devastatingly dull and awful. I've spent a lot of time in the company of wannabe poets, and I've read my fair share of decent pieces and verses that made me want to tear my hair out.

Today I was on my way to work and made my usual Starbucks stop before heading into the subway for my morning commute. I was listening to my iPod and a song I really liked had just finished playing. I was feeling good. I was still coasting on my positive energy when I ordered my iced coffee. The guy who usually takes my order was a lot friendlier, and even commented, "You know, this is the first time I've ever seen you smile! You're always so...frown-y." I guess my happiness was obvious. Good music can put you in a really good place!

I love a good song. I love a good tune, but most importantly, I love good lyrics that can capture a moment or feeling with a sharp accuracy that a story can't convey. Good lyrics are, in essence, excellent poetry.

A Child's Garden of Verses will introduce children to the incredible world of such poetry. Children can discover the delightful effect of words with this amazing book that is both necessary as an introductory volume and a library staple. Robert Louis Stevenson's rhymes come to life with the aid of Brian Wildsmith's enchanting illustrations that will have children returning to read again and again. It's really a must-have!

A Child's Garden of Verses is available in hardcover and paperback editions.

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