Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Humbug Rabbit

On this day in 1866, Helen Beatrix Potter was born in London, England. Potter wrote and illustrated numerous children's books about animals, and her best-known and most loved work is the famous Tale of Peter Rabbit. Inspired by the pet that kept her company during her relatively lonely adolescence and young adult life, Peter is a mischievous young bunny who decides not to listen to his mother and ends up in a world of trouble. Internationally, Potter's stories and Peter Rabbit have become an established part of children's literature and have earned a special place in the hearts of children (and the young at heart) everywhere.

In Humbug Rabbit, we are introduced to Granny, Gracie and Otto the chickens, Mother and Father Rabbit (and all their children!), and Barnaby, a devilish cat. Easter is around the bend, and Granny has an egg hunt planned for when her grandchildren arrive! But that devilish cat Barnaby is set on making a mix-up. After he pushes the colored eggs into the Rabbit burrow, Easter is filled with unexpected surprises for everyone!

Like Potter's beloved tales, Humbut Rabbit is instantly engaging and fun to read. Children will fall in love immediately with Lorna Balian's humorous narrative and colorful illustrations. Sweet and refreshingly classic, Humbug Rabbit is a book that can be enjoyed year-round by children and the adults in their lives.

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