Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kitten's Adventure

I am very, very allergic to cats. Five minutes in the company of one will reduce me to a blubbering mess of running nose, watery eyes, relentless sneezing, and congested chest. It's not my most flattering look.

But that didn't stop me from wanting a kitten. I wanted one so badly! Kittens were the most adorable things in the universe to me. So I took up cat sitting, with the ridiculous notion that somehow overexposure to cat dander and fur would help me build up an immunity of sorts.

Worst idea ever.

By the end of each day my nose was raw and itchy from nonstop nose-blowing. My eyes were bloodshot and sore from being rubbed to ease the itchiness. I was wheezing and hacking my way home, relieved when I could finally toss aside the hair-covered garments I was wearing and rinse away the extremely irritating remnants of scent-marking the furry little pest was inevitably determined to leave behind. I don't think it's possible for me to think of any time in my life I've been so miserably uncomfortable.

But even with my severe allergic reaction, I still loved cats. I still do, to this day. There's something so charming and lovable about their feisty independent spirit, their knack for mischief and adventure, and their ability to get up to absolutely no good and yet look so forgivably adorable while at it.

Kitten's Adventure manages to adeptly capture the characteristic liveliness and fun-loving attitude of kittens in this instantly lovable and entertaining early reader. Kitten decides to go off on a day-long exploration, and Michele Coxon's preciously detailed illustrations are engaging and will be instant favorites of children and adults alike.

Pick up your copy today!

Available in paperback and hardcover editions, and in Portuguese/English, Spanish/English, and Vietnamese/English bilingual editions.

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