Thursday, July 22, 2010

That's Like Me!

In That’s Like Me!, different people (both young and old) share their stories of living with a learning difference. But each story does more than just give a brief account of each person’s life – it serves to emphasize the central theme of the book as a whole: the incredible power of encouragement. Each individual initially faced seemingly overwhelming amounts of negativity from a society unwilling to understand children with learning differences. They encountered isolation, mockery, and even punishment because they were unable to learn the same way as their peers. The frustration of being singled out often forced them into silence. Not being “normal” like other children caused them to lose faith in themselves and see no hope in the future ahead. However, each person discovered that once they found even just one person who saw their talents and passions as gifts, their entire world changed. Readers will meet people who pushed through the odds to do what they really love: a firefighter, a trapeze artist, a veterinarian, a racecar driver, and more. By the time children and adults come to the end of the book, they will feel encouraged to concentrate on pursuing their gifts. Readers will have a better understanding not only of people with learning differences, but of what they can do to create a more accepting and understanding world so that more children with L.D. can realize their dreams.

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