Friday, July 23, 2010

Too Many Pears!

Pamela the cow loves pears.

Who doesn't?

But Pamela is obsessed with pears. She eats everyone's pears: at picnics, at lunch, all the time! She likes plain pears, stewed pears with ice cream, and pear pie with whipped cream. Pamela eats so many pears, little Amy decides it's time to intervene. But nothing seems to work - building a fence around the pear trees, tying Pamela to a tree, and picking pears before she gets to them all fail miserably as Pamela finds a way around each tactic. So finally Amy formulates a plan to get Pamela to leave pears alone, once and for all.

Too Many Pears! is simply delightful. Children and adults will both find the story and illustrations hilarious and charming. It's my personal favorite!

All this reading about pears definitely gets me hungry, too. So I decided to do a little research and dig up recipes involving pears. What I discovered was a gold mine! If you visit, you'll find instructions on how to make anything from balsamic-glazed pear and goat cheese crostini to pear smoothies to bacon and bleu cheese sliders with pear ketchup to hot fudge pear sundaes to vidalia and pear honey soup...and that's just the beginning. If you aren't drooling yet, you should definitely check out the website and take a peek at the photographs. Our dear Pamela would probably faint.

Too Many Pears! is a great book to read to your child, as it will encourage not only eating healthy fruit but inspire them to get creative with how they consume healthy foods. Who says that fruit has to be boring? Spice things up with a smoothie or by adding some frozen yogurt! Throw it in salads or on top of oatmeal! Bake them with a dallop of butter and some cinnamon! The possibilities are endless.

Now that I'm ravenously hungry, I'm writing out my grocery list for a ginger pear cake I'll bake tonight. Hopefully you'll be inspired to also make something fun with pears - and pick up a copy of Too Many Pears!

Too Many Pears! is available in hardcover and paperback editions. It is also available in Portuguese/English, Spanish/English, and Japanese/English editions.

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