Monday, August 30, 2010

As the last weeks of summer come and go, and the onset of Labour Day marks the last days of holiday for kids the length and breadth of America, Star Bright Books is continuing its blogging theme of 'Back to School.'

For many kids going to school is a daunting experience. Whether it be attending school for the very first time, or making the step up to either middle school or high school, kids become exposed to many new experiences and new people. Such experiences all serve to create great and inquisitive kids that will go on, hopefully, to become the future great generations of Americans. And to be American means to be part of a nation that is culturally and ethically diverse, a cosmopolitan nation set up to embrace all races and cultures in the melting pot. This helps Americans to be tuned into other world cultures and helps our kids understand the world around them.

In Layla's Head Scarf by Miriam Cohen, Layla is the new girl in school. She is hesitant on her first experiences of first grade as she feels out of place because of her head scarf. At the same time, her fellow first graders are curious and hesitant around her as they want to learn about her culture and about her head scarf. The story is one of growing friendship and compassion, as the first graders embrace Layla and each one learns something about the other. This makes everyone feel comfortable and shows how friendships are based on learning from one another.

Part of the We Love First Grade Series by Cohen, Layla's Head Scarf adds to the necessity to teach kids emotional learning skills to help them succeed in school. It also helps them to engage in issues that form a part of todays current global expansion as more and more places become culturally diverse.

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