Monday, August 23, 2010

Friends At School

Dear Fellow Bloggers

In light of the recent departure of En-Szu back to college after all of her fabulous work, as a fellow intern I will be taking up the responsibility of keeping you informed of Star Bright's activities for the coming weeks and months.

So as it is getting close for many children to either return or maybe even start school for the first time, it may be of interest to you that Star Bright Books has a selection of books that may help children with first day nerves.

Friends At School by Rochelle Bunnett is a picture book for children that details the real life stories of 8 school children, as well as their class Guinea Pig called Mocha, and a pair of tortoises called Sam and Sara. It goes on to display the activities that they get up to together inside and outside of the classroom.

The real photographs taken by Matt Brown help capture the children and the fun things they get up to. From feeding Mocha carrots, to playing with jigsaw puzzles, to enjoying recess. Friends At School is the kind of book that parents can enjoy reading with their children, especially if they are worried about starting school for the first time

So check it out, it may prove a real treat for that nervy first timer. Or maybe even the odd anxious parent!

All the best


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