Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jim's Dog, Muffins

Dealing with grief at a young age is difficult. When someone you hold dear passes away, it is hard to grapple with the wide range of extreme emotions. And while it is especially challenging for a young person who has lost someone, it is also hard for peers to understand exactly what kind of feelings their fellow classmate or friend is being subjected to.

In Jim's Dog, Muffins, Jim is very sad after his dog is killed in an accident. He does not want to participate in any of the classroom activities. He doesn't want to talk to anyone, and he just wants to be alone. Some of his classmates don't understand. They think he is being mean, antisocial, and rude. But the first grade teacher understands what Jim is going through, and tells the children that "Maybe Jim needs time to be sad." And Jim is really sad, until Paul finally finds a way to get him to open up.

Jim's Dog, Muffins is a moving and necessary read for everyone. It teaches a touching and valuable lesson on grief and understanding. Highly recommended for audiences both young and old. Get your copy today!

Jim's Dog, Muffins is available in hardcover and paperback editions.

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