Monday, August 16, 2010

Kissing Skunks

People in love can be so silly.

You know how it is. You see it all the time: holding hands, nauseatingly cute nicknames, the goo-goo eyes and goofy smiles. They do things like buy ice cream cones and go for walks in the park, buy ridiculous trinkets for each other, call or text each other night and day for no reason whatsoever, and generally sicken everyone around them. But it's endearing, for the most part, because you either remember a time when you were also like that, or it gives you hope for having that someday for yourself.

In Kissing Skunks, a married skunk couple display such nonsensical affection for one another that it begins to border on the absurd. It is a funny and touching story that will appeal to kids and grown-ups of all ages (unless your child was like me, and thinks that boys and girls are full of cooties). Kissing Skunks captures the sweetness and adorable nature of two people in love, and you will most definitely find it impossible to read the book without smiling.

Most people think that books that deal with love are only suitable for Valentine's Day, but that simply isn't true - love happens year-round, not just on one day in February! Pick up your copy of Kissing Skunks today!

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