Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rainy Summer Days

Morning Readers

Wherever you are in the world today I hope that it is much brighter and warmer than it is here in the hustle and bustle of The Big Apple. The weather over the past few days, since the weekend, has been nothing but wind and rain, and then more wind and rain. It feels more like Fall rather than Summer. And to think last weekend New York City was bathed in sunshine and a heat wave. How times change.

In such circumstances it makes it really difficult to find things to do outside. No one wants to get wet. Believe me. I walked into Star Bright Books this morning with my umbrella, but even that couldn't stop the rain from getting me all wet. It is days like today when all we need is a little bit of escapism. Something to take our mind away from the drizzle. A good book is just the thing that could do that, for both adults and kids alike.

Professor Noah's Spaceship is just one of those books. Brian Wildsmith takes the biblical story of Noah and his ark, and updates it for a 21st Century issue. As with the biblical account, every human and every animal and every creature lived happily in the environment, but in this account pollution has begun to destroy the food supply and the animals habitat. Fortunately Professor Noah (yes, he is a wise old man with a PhD now), has built a spaceship, and invites the animals to take off with him to find another world. For forty days and forty nights they roam space, until the guidance system goes into reverse. The intrepid travelers end up going back in time to Earth just after the Biblical Noah's flood, with Earth back to its pristine form. Capturing it all with his stunning illustrations, Brian Wildsmith's Professor Noah's Spaceship allows the imagination to escape for a moment, and addresses a very pressing issue in our time in a manner fit for children and adults alike.

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