Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Seaweed Book

Though I mentioned in my last post that summer's almost over, I'm well aware of the fact that now is a better time than ever to catch the last of the easy-breezy vacation days and make the most of them. If you haven't yet, head out to the beach! There is absolutely nothing in this world more fantastic than sprawling out under the sun (make sure to slather on that SPF!) with a good book, listening to the ocean waves crashing in the background as seagulls circle overhead. There's also nothing that beats finding sand in all your stuff for weeks afterwards, a persistent (and, admittedly, slightly irritating) reminder of the relaxing and fun times spent on the shore.

Rose Treat found another way to have a reminder of her days on the beach. After her first trip to the ocean shore, she became fascinated with the beauty of the seaweeds floating the water. What started as fascination quickly developed into a full-time passion, and in no time she became an avid studier and collector of seaweed. In The Seaweed Book, Treat shares how to recognize and identify different seaweeds, as well as presenting a myriad of delightful activities and uses for seaweed. Children and adults can learn how to make pictures, decorate cards, or create other gifts.

So while summer is fading fast, there's still plenty of time to make some lasting memories - and why not make some memories with seaweed? In late fall or winter, you'll have something to enjoy that will remind you of balmy weather and lazier days...and who doesn't want that? It sure beats shoveling snow off the driveway.

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