Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trosclair and the Alligator

Fact: kids do not like doing what they are told.

Second fact: kids will hear you tell them to do one thing, and gladly do the opposite. Usually, this ends disastrously.

In Trosclair and the Alligator, young Trosclair is told by everyone to avoid Bee Island Swamp. A giant alligator named Gargantua has been roaming about and he is notoriously ferocious. But Trosclair really wants to visit the swamp...and it's only some quick-footed thinking that saves Trosclair and his poor dog, Ollie, from becoming dinner!

Trosclair and the Alligator is a fun read for the young and old alike. Everyone understands childhood curiosity and mischief - whether you're from the big city or Louisiana Bayou, kids get in all sorts of sticky situations from not listening. Hopefully this tale of a close call will teach your little one a valuable lesson!

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