Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When Someone Is Afraid

We all have different ways of dealing with fears. If I wake up from a particularly terrifying night terror at 3 AM, my surefire cure is putting on an animated film and listening to Kylie Minogue until I fall asleep again. It's really weird, but it does the trick. Some people turn on all the lights, others bury themselves under a mountain of blankets, still others turn to comfort foods or books. The methods vary, but the goal is the same - to ease the troubling memories out of our minds and make ourselves feel safe again.

In When Someone Is Afraid, readers are introduced to the various ways different animals deal with fear. Frogs dive into a pond, ostriches bury their heads, turtles retreat into their shell...and a young boy calls on his mother. A sweet and fun read for children and adults alike, it'll be a sure way to ease nighttime fears and remind children how special having a caring adult in their life is. Read When Someone Is Afraid to let your little one know that you'll always be there for them!

Whether you listen to dancefloor anthem queens or gorge on chocolate cake to quell your fears, it's important to have a way to handle situations in which one is afraid. Talk to your child about ways in which they can resolve their fears and get a good night's rest.

When Someone is Afraid is written by Valeri Gorbachev and illustrated by Kostya Gorbachev. It is available in hardcover edition.

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