Monday, August 2, 2010

Will I Have A Friend?

It's hard to believe, but it's August already! And while the month is still new, people are already feeling the end-of-summer vibes. No more picnics. The backyard grill will be covered up. The pool will be drained. The sunblock will be tossed out, sundresses put in storage, and sandals packed away. No more neons and pastels - hello camel, tweed, and burgundy. No more greenery - it's time for orange and yellow leaves.

Autumn also signals the start of the school year. And for kids just starting school, it can be a very scary and intimidating time! The prospect of starting a new and very important chapter of your life can reduce even the most confident kid to a bag of nerves. There's a lot to worry about: what outfit to wear on the first day, what backpack to choose, what lunch to pack. But the most important and nerve-wracking question is much larger than what the overall style and appearance should be.

In Will I Have a Friend?, Jim is very anxious on his first day of school. He is worried that he won't have any friends. His dad tells him everything will be okay, but Jim finds himself nervously alone...until Paul shares his toy truck.

Will I Have a Friend? is heartwarming and a necessary read for all children just starting school or starting the academic year at a new school. It is straightforward and children will find that they can easily relate to Jim's concerns and experience. Even for children returning to school, Will I Have a Friend? has much to offer: it will remind them of how scared they were on their first day, and encourage them to make new children feel welcome.

So while it's not quite that time of year just yet, start getting prepared for fall! Get your copy of Will I Have a Friend? today!

Will I Have a Friend? is part of the We Love First Grade! series written by Miriam Cohen and illustrated by Ronald Himler.

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