Monday, December 13, 2010

Sweet and Gentle Bedtime Story, Good Night, Little Sea Otter

The sun is setting, so is Little Sea Otter in Mother’s arms. But he is not ready for bed yet. Perhaps, so much fun was his day-giggling, splashing, swimming, grooming and cuddling with his friends under the shining sun. Then he remembered he didn’t say good night to harbor seals. So he waves to the harbor seals, “Good night, harbor seals.” Then to sea lions, to orange fish, yellow fish, purple fish; to sea urchins, to sea stars, to clams and crabs. One by one, Little Sea Otter says “Good night,” to all his sea friends. Between the hubbub of good night exchanges, there are giggling moments. Now Little Sea Otter is ready for bed and sweet dreams, tucking himself into Mother’s warm chest. Mother Otter rolls kelp over them for the night’s long sleep. Wait, Little Sea Otter forgot to say good night to the twinkling stars and the moon. So he did.

Good Night Little Sea Otter, Janet Halfmann captures young children’s sweet and genuine nature that often comforts the grown-ups. When the story is ending, you would imagine the satisfying smile of a child, her eyes slowly closing, and the night’s peace would fall over her face.
The ocean, home to the most diversified creatures, the colourful fishes, sea mammals, and all sea creatures are illuminated in Wish Williams’s eloquent illustrations. Above all, Little Sea Otter, the furry sea mammal becomes irresistibly adorable.
The Children’s and Teens’ Book Connection posted a review, recommending Good Night, Little Sea Otter to “anyone looking for the perfect bedtime story.”

Well, then, good night, Little Sea Otter. Sleep tight, Sweet dreams.

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