Sunday, February 6, 2011

George didn’t get enough Valentine’s Day Cards. What can we do for him?

“The kids LOVE Valentine's Day,” said my friend Aiko, a 3rd grader teacher. “Each student makes a mailbox (usually out of a shoe box or big envelop decorated in pink and red with their names on it)....They are still young, so they don't understand the 'boy+girl" love per say, but it is a fun day when they get thoughtful notes from the classmates!” With that excitement and happiness, their cheeks would turn red, and lively chatters, laughs and giggles would fill the classroom. But if, someone doesn’t get many cards, and feel sad? (as it always happens in real life!). In Bee My Valentine, Miriam Cohen lively and warmly depicts the first graders’ Valentine’s Day, accompanied by Ronald Himler’s gentle illustrations.

Valentine’s Day is coming, and the first graders are excited about choosing/making Valentine’s cards; what they would write and to whom; and of course, the cards they will receive. The teacher tells everyone to send a card to everyone else in the class so nobody will feel left out. On Valentine’s Day, however, George gets fewer cards than everyone else. George runs away and hides in the coat room, crying. All the first graders think hard about how to cheer him up, and altogether, they find a way.

Bee My Valentine is part of Star Bright Books’ Social & Emotional Development Story Series, books that engage children to think, understand and find a solution to problems they encounter at school, home and on playgrounds. In a report published recently, researchers found that students who took part in social and emotional learning programs improved in grades and standardized-test scores by 11 % compared with nonparticipating students. Written by Miriam Cohen and illustrated by Ronald Himler, the series also includes titles such as Will I Have a Friend; Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire; Layla’s Head Scarf ; and others. “We Love First Grade!™” series.


  1. We are reading this one in our home right now. Great book! Kerri

  2. Indeed! Thanks for sharing your story. We have another great Valentine's Day book, A Sweetheart for Valentine by Lorna Balian.

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