Friday, March 4, 2011

Welcome to a world of color, and to “Yum, Yum”

For moms and dads (and grannies), watching their children eat fills their hearts with joy. Watching their tiny mouths munch food is just irresistible. For babies and toddlers, watching their parents eat is not so interesting. However, watching animals eating (pets, farm animals, or zoo animals, anything not human) fascinates them. They understand that animals are different from humans, so when animals act just like them, it is something truly special. Eating, strangely, becomes an adorable thing to watch. Animals get excited when they see their favorite food, which in turn excites babies and toddlers. When a sheep gently licks their little palms, when a donkey munches on an apple so close they can hear the crunch, the world is filled with magic.

In Catherine Hnatov’s Yum, Yum, friendly animals munch on their favorite foods, making a happy (and familiar) noise: “yum, yum.” The foods are in bright colors, with the animals in contrasting bold black and white. Yum, Yum combines two eye-catching components for babies: animals eating and the world of color (donkey eats a red apple; sheep eats yellow flowers, and so on). In every other page, featuring the same bright color as the food, appears simple text. Babies and toddlers, welcome to the world of color and to “Yum, Yum.”

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