Sunday, May 1, 2011

Read to Me

April was National Poetry Reading Month. Belatedly, I am reading Judi Moreillon's Read to Me again and again, and recite it (privately). The book is a single poem— a simple rhyme, yet with wisdom-full verses that encourage and inspire parents to discover the joy and value of sharing stories with their children. Its gentle, yet joyous lines celebrate the time and memory of reading as a family. "Read to me," your little one will bring a book to you, babbling, smiling, or talking, you can almost hear it. More than anything, when reading a book together, parents and children dream together. Kyra Teis' illustrations are colorful and lively. Loving grandma, grandpa, moms and dads read with their little ones in the park, by the water, on the bed. Children read with their siblings, sitting on the stairs or lying on their tummies. The smiling faces of babies and families are from all different ethnicities.

Read to Me is a poem Judi wrote for Pima County Public Library's Project L.I.F.T. (Literary Involves Families Together), "to help young mothers learn that literacy is an important part of nurturing their babies."

The most enduring heritage that we can leave for our children is to guide them to learn the joy of reading. Here are the first few lines from Read to Me. Enjoy.

Read to me

and watch me grow.

Tell me all

the tales you know.

For in this life,

I’ll need a map.

Let it begin

upon your lap-

Visit Judi Moreillon's Website here. Read to Me is also available in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Spanish/English.

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