Monday, June 13, 2011

Star Bright Books Fall 2011 list!

The happy rumpus of a school playground is fading out, as its little patrons are jumping into summer vacation. For some toddlers, this summer will mark their first beach walking, for some preschoolers, it will be their first camping trip. But wait. Before we start off the summer, let’s peek at delicious stories and pictures that Star Bright Books offers this fall. Remember the end of the summer last year? We all wanted to go back to books and bury our faces into pages when exhausted (though happily) after summer excursions. Toddlers and Babies, Children and Parents, I am very pleased to introduce Star Bright Books Fall 2011 list!

Urban Animals’ author, architectural historian and photographer, Isabel Hill takes us to the buildings we carelessly pass by. Young readers (and grown-ups) learn that buildings have settings, characters and plot just like the storybooks they love. Buildings Stories tells stories of their past, people who lived and worked there, what was made inside, if we look at them a little more closely—was it a pencil factory or a sailor’s house or a milk house? As it is in Urban Animals, the photo illustrations in the book will enchant children and adult alike.

The fa├žade of buildings are not alone that tell “stories.” As My Face Book shows, the faces of babies absolute, remarkable, and adorable communicator of “stories.” Their faces totally lack elf-consciousness, being free to express their very emotions. Babies love looking at other faces, first, at their mothers! If you smile at them, they smile back at you. That’s how they communicate, right? Each spread page has an opposite expression, for example, silly and serious; frowning and smiling; laughing and crying; awake and sleepy. . . Looking at these adorable faces, we do feel responsible for making a better world for them, don’t we? Check out Crowing the Book Truck’s review.

After facial expression and babble stage, babies and toddlers begin to learn “words.” My First Words introduces words for every day things that surround babies and toddlers. From their bedroom to sunny summer back yards. They will explore everything by its name.

After learning their first “words,” they might realize the semiotic aspect of this world; they might have an enlightening experience as they find/learn new words they didn’t know before. When do children learn that English words are delightfully playful, like teeny weeny, itsy bitsy? Perhaps, from a lot of storybooks their parents read to them. Small Medium Large engages early readers to learn about all sizes of things and words for them through delightful illustrations. Ability to compare things and to relate one to another is an important development for children. Learning new words that sound awesome like “colossal” make curious kids want to learn more new words. Check out Fun with Little Mouse’s review.

If they learn enough words, they might try to learn even witch’s words and pass a spell on us. . . With Wish Williams’ magical colored illustrations, and Cheryl Christian’s rhyming words, in Witches, children embark on adventures as witches in real life—yes, Halloween.

Stories that generation after generation love, Lorna Balian’s A Garden for a Groundhog, and Lephechauns Never Lie will be out in paperback this fall, as will Lonek’s Journey, a boy’s courageous two-year journey in search of freedom during WWII.

Check out our website, and don’t miss what Star Bright Books offers even before the summer ends.

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