Thursday, July 28, 2011

Down in the Subway

This morning's commute was nightmarish. Subway delays, broken air conditioning, and cranky passengers made for a highly unpleasant trip. Hot and crowded, I would have given anything to have just the hint of a breeze to relieve my discomfort. Alas, no dice. Instead we were trapped in the tunnel for what seemed like eons. In an attempt to distract myself I studied a series of advertisements along the top of the subway car, which were enticing commuters to cast aside their suits, ties, and heels and fly off to a beautiful tropical island getaway. The white sand beaches, the hammocks strung between palm trees, the beautiful turquoise ocean beckoning. . .what I wouldn't give to be there instead of in the stifling heat!

Instantly I was reminded of Miriam Cohen's Down in the Subway. For Oscar and his mama, a hot subway ride leads into a magical adventure - thanks to the Island Lady. While the passengers fan themselves, Oscar twirls around a pole, sneaking peeks at the Island Lady. Finally she smiles and asks if he would like to see what is in her bag. When she reaches in, she pulls out first a cool blue Island breeze, then everything from the Caribbean Sea to delicious foods and even a whole Island town! The entire train has a party, enjoying the wonderful treat that the Island Lady has given them in lieu of their regular commute. Never has a subway ride been so exciting!

While this is certainly an exception from the norm, children will love reading Cohen's book over and over. Surprise adventure is always fun to read about, and who knows? Maybe on your next subway ride, you too will encounter the magical Island Lady! Pick up a copy of Down in the Subway today.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pinwheel Days!

It's a pleasant day here in the city. Today we found an injured baby bird in the warehouse and it's been in our office this morning, recuperating, so that's been really exciting!

Though it's still July, school is just around the corner. Sadly, August will be upon us and behind us in almost no time, and then it will be autumn. What better time to brush up your young one's reading skills? Reintroduce them to the wonderful world of reading with Ellen Tarlow's Pinwheel Days, a whimsical and fun early reader for young children. Featuring the lovable donkey Pinwheel, each of these four stories will draw children in with their fun and adventure. Children will love meeting Pinwheel's new friends, laugh at his mishaps, and immerse themselves in his playful world. Wrote School Library Journal of Pinwheel Days, "this early chapter book has charm and broad child appeal." Early Childhood News said that "this is a delightful collection of four easy-to-read short stories." Children's Literature praised the artwork of illustrator Gretel Parker, saying that her "breezy illustrations offer the perfect mix of color." Children and their grown-ups alike will enjoy spending time with Pinwheel and his friends Squirrel, Rabbit, and Owl. Don't miss out. Pick up a copy of Pinwheel Days today!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Come see Isabel Hill talk about Building Stories!

Isabel Hill, author, illustrator, and photographer of Urban Animals, will be giving presentations on the following dates in support of her new book, Building Stories. Be sure to check it out - they're events you won't want to miss!

September 10th, 2011
Reading and Project, 11 AM - 1 PM & 2 PM - 4 PM
AIA Center for Architecture Foundation
536 LaGuardia Place, New York, NY

September 20th, 2011
Book Launch, 7 PM - 9 PM
The Old Stone House
336 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY

September 24th, 2011
Reading and Project, 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
The Skyscraper Museum
39 Battery Place, New York, NY

October 16th, 2011
Reading and Signing, time TBA
Book Court
163 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY

November 13th, 2011
Reading and Project, time TBA
National Building Museum
401 F Street Northwest, Washington, D.C.

November 19th, 2011
Book Signing, 12 PM - 4 PM
Children's Book Fair
Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY

December 4th, 2011
Reading and Project, time TBA
Children's Museum of Manhattan
212 West 83rd Street, New York, NY


A Donkey Reads is featured in July 2011's Children's Bookwatch!

Star Bright Books is pleased to announce that the Midwest Book Review has selected A Donkey Reads as a featured title in their July issue of Children's Bookwatch! The lushly illustrated, fanciful adaptation of a Turkish folktale tells the story of a poor villager named Mustafo, who must give a gift of tribute to his tyrannical Mongol ruler. Writes the MBR, "charming color illustrations bring the tale to vibrant life on the pages." Since its release, A Donkey Reads has been the recipient of much praise: The New York Journal of Books says "the book is a welcome addition to the relatively scanty supply of Turkish folktales for children." Publisher's Weekly agrees - "Mandell's (the No-Sweat Science series) retelling is a fine introduction to the dozens of tales about Nasreddin, the legendary 13th-century wise man." A sure hit with kids and adults alike, A Donkey Reads is wowing readers with its delightful illustrations and fun storyline.
A Donkey Reads is available in both hardcover and paperback editions.
A Donkey Reads is a Junior Library Guild selection.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hip Hop is Happenin'!

As many of you may know, Hip, Hop, Catherine Hnatov's hit board book, has been getting rave reviews. Writes Pamela Kramer of, "It's simple and yet elegant. It's eye catching and...just feels right." Says librarian Paula Phillips, "it is the perfect book to read to your baby and toddler." Crowding the Book Truck writes "It's never to early to be reading with children, and this looks like another great board book that will help children learn words, sounds, and letters." Hip, Hop was recently named as one of the Best Books for Babies in 2011 by the Fred Rogers Company. And the good news keeps piling in! Be sure to get your copy today. For more about Hip, Hop, please visit our website to get a sneak peek inside. Hip, Hop is available in English, Portuguese/English, and Spanish/English.