Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Donkey Reads is featured in July 2011's Children's Bookwatch!

Star Bright Books is pleased to announce that the Midwest Book Review has selected A Donkey Reads as a featured title in their July issue of Children's Bookwatch! The lushly illustrated, fanciful adaptation of a Turkish folktale tells the story of a poor villager named Mustafo, who must give a gift of tribute to his tyrannical Mongol ruler. Writes the MBR, "charming color illustrations bring the tale to vibrant life on the pages." Since its release, A Donkey Reads has been the recipient of much praise: The New York Journal of Books says "the book is a welcome addition to the relatively scanty supply of Turkish folktales for children." Publisher's Weekly agrees - "Mandell's (the No-Sweat Science series) retelling is a fine introduction to the dozens of tales about Nasreddin, the legendary 13th-century wise man." A sure hit with kids and adults alike, A Donkey Reads is wowing readers with its delightful illustrations and fun storyline.
A Donkey Reads is available in both hardcover and paperback editions.
A Donkey Reads is a Junior Library Guild selection.

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