Thursday, August 18, 2011

Great Books for Great Kids (and parents!)

The past week or so has been remarkably slower hereabouts - a nice reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the past few weeks, though it's left everyone slightly restless (well, me at least!). However, you readers have been kept very busy with our books, so I thought I would dedicate today's entry to reviews from real people. Great books for great kids is our motto, and that's because we believe that kids deserve books that they will truly enjoy and that parents will want to read to their children. It is wonderful to hear that libraries and Publisher's Weekly enjoy our titles, but the best - and most meaningful - praise comes from those who are just like you - readers who like great books!

So, let's take a look. What have you been saying about our books?


"What a delightful book! One of the best Halloween picture books I have seen. The illustrations were awesome and all inclusive. Having a special needs child this was a pleasant surprise. I really appreciated that the illustrator included special needs children and portrayed them accurately as "normal" children. The text was fun...the author and illustrator were able to capture all the magic and fun of Halloween night without the scary side you often see in Halloween books. The book is a keeper!" - F. Cristina Gutierrez

"Halloween is still 2-1/2 months away but I couldn't resist this whimsical Halloween book...I love the illustrations. Perfect for preschool aged children." - Kathy Habel

"The illustrations are vividly colored, and writing rhythmical. You will enjoy reading this with your child or any child...this is a great book for children, and fun and entertaining for everyone - especially around Halloween. Overall rating: A." - Laura Koehler


"This is an entertaining introduction to architecture for young looking at the different decorations adorning buildings, Hill shows kids that they can tell a good deal about a building, just by looking at the outside." - M. Scout Johnson


"Bright, colorful illustrations definitely captivate young readers as they are introduced to the wonderful characters of Small Medium Large. With minimal words children can grasp the math concept of bigger and smaller...a great way to introduce or reinforce early math skills. After reading this my little one, age 3, began gathering and sorting her toys, attempting to find her own versions of Enormous and Miniscule. Definitely sparks an interest!" - Ginny Blankenship

We love making books that people love. Nothing makes us happier!

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