Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rata Pata Scata Fata!

Yesterday started out as another sunny day, so yours truly did not think to check the weather forecast in the morning - which proved to be a very bad idea indeed. Midway through the day it stared pouring sheets and sheets - and I didn't even have a jacket with a hood! Luckily for me it let up just in time for the end of the workday, so I didn't get drenched on my commute home, but I've made a mental note to always keep a small umbrella on hand just in case - and to check the weather report every day!

Little Junjun doesn't want to do any work. He's a dreamer and would rather spend the day sitting outside watching the lizards in the yard, feeling the warm sun on his face, and savoring tasty tamarind jam. He wishes his chores would just do themselves! So he sits and makes wishes while saying rata-pata-scata-fata, and his chores somehow do complete themselves! But when everyone is tired at the end of the day and wants rain so that they don't have to fetch water, will rata-pata-scata-fata work?

Rata-pata-scata-fata is a fun book for kids to read. Silly phrases and pleasing repetition make this book by Phillis Gershator ideal for reading aloud to young children. Holly Meade's illustrations are colorful and bright, drawing readers in and adding a magic feel to this fun story while bringing the spirit of the Caribbean to life!

Grab your copy of Rata-pata-scata-fata today!

Available in hardcover & paperback editions.

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