Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Too Many Pears!

Boy oh boy, is it hot out! After exiting the clinically cool office of my doctor this morning, I was blasted by an unrelenting wave of heat. Though the Star Bright offices are always so very chilled, from the windows you can see the world outside very literally melting away.

The only solution to this withering weather is to stay very, very hydrated. And in addition to tons and tons of water, I like to eat plenty of fruits.

You know who loves fruit? Pamela the cow. And one fruit in particular: pears. Lots of them. Pounds and pounds and pounds of them! Amy loves pears, too, but Pamela keeps eating them before anyone else can. Amy's family tries everything to keep Pamela away from their pears, but she always finds a way to get to her favorite food - even climbing through a wombat hole! But Amy devises a plan to get rid of Pamela's obsession for pears once and for all.

Too Many Pears! is my favorite Star Bright Books title. It is hilarious and charming, and adults will truly enjoy reading this book to their kids and laughing along. Readers have nothing but good things to say about Too Many Pears!:

"An enjoyable summer read, and a perfectly respectable inclusion on the well-read child's summer reading log!" wrote Lynne Ann Cutler, teacher. "This book is a fun, simple read for young children. The repetition makes it easy to pick out the oft-repeated words for the new reader, but it also offers some more difficult words—like wombat—for the emerging reader. This makes a great book to read out loud to children or for the beginning reader to tackle themselves," says yet another educator, Amie Gaudioso. School Library Journal raves that Too Many Pears! is "a real winner."

Get your copy today!

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  1. "Too Many Pears!" sounds like a book I will need to add to my bookshelf. Can't wait to see the insides!