Sunday, January 8, 2012

Witches, "message of inclusiveness triumphantly embedded"

Since its publication last summer, Witches has gotten a wave of praise from review media and readers like you. In the November issue, the Midwest Book Review Children's Bookwatch selected it in its Holiday Bookshelf, calling it "an exciting, colorful, Halloween tale in verse, with a tiny but definite message of inclusiveness triumphantly embedded in both text and illustration."

Here is the full review from the Midwest Book Review.
"Capering, rollicking young witches in masks prepare for a spooky night of entertainment. First they make a disgusting gooey, concoction which all must taste. Then they clean up and prepare to go trick or treating outdoors in the dark and spooky night. Amidst all the fun, masks, costumes, candy, and celebration is one small witch with braces on her legs and adaptive cuff crutches to help her walk independently. She joins in the fun and later on the walk for treats outside she is seen in the background being pushed in a nice wheelchair. No special attention is paid to this particular witch, she is simply included in the festivities. Meanwhile the Halloween verse tale follows an enchanted path to a happy evening of festive fun for youngsters. Witches is sure to appeal to children age 4 and up, and to adults who will be pleased at its thoughtful, unassuming content.”

Of course, you don't have to wait until Halloween to pick up this charming book. A six years old blogger from the blog Mother Daughter Reading Team has just read this book and wrote "I really liked it because it was about Halloween and it was fun because it was about witches." See? Oh, by the way, this little blogger is quite articulate: "I had no idea the witches were kids going trick or treating I thought they were real witches and it was silly because they were really just kids in costumes!" Now I know better why children love this book so much. It's a lovely and refreshing review by an articulate little book lover. See more what she (and her mother) says about the book at Mother Daughter Reading Team.

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