Monday, April 23, 2012

Cradle Me - review by Elizabeth Bird

Elizabeth Bird has written a rave review for "Cradle Me" and includes, "My Face Book" and "Babies,Babies" as well. "Cradle Me by Debby Slier – Finally, a face book. Star Bright Books has done a heckuva job with diversity in their board books lately. Last year’s My Face Book was particularly well done, showing a child with down syndrome amongst all the other kids. And Babies, Babies! by Debby Slier is unique because without making a big point about it, all the children in this book are African-American. Cradle Me is one of the more interesting titles, featuring different tribes of Native American babies with their own distinct cradle boards. One of these babies could be seen in the previously published board book Global Babies where she looked particularly grumpy. She’s not much cheerier here and indeed most of the babies in the book seem kinda dour at first. That’s probably a lot to do with how young they are. The back of the book explains each tribe that each child is from, which was good. More to the point, the small fry in my household is gaga over this book. She’ll read it on her own if you hand it to her and that, as far as I’m concerned, is the mark of a good book. Best of all, it has the Debbie Reese seal of approval." Thank you, Elizabeth!

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