Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Face Book selected one of the Best Books for Babies 2012!

A dad carrying a baby on his front was slowing down when he passed by our booth. I was standing right there, and exchanged a cheerful good morning with the baby. She seemed to be excited to see a lot of books, so I grabbed a copy of “My Face Book,” and showed the pages to her. Excited, the baby’s little arms were flapping like a bird’s wings, so too, her little legs were flailing. I could tell that she was so delighted to see all the babies’ faces, and (imagine) her saying to the babies in the book, “nice to meet you! What a charming person you are!”
I often look into this book. So precious, these faces inspire you to promote world peace (really, I felt that way!).
I am very pleased to tell you that “My Face Book” was selected as one of the Best Books for Babies 2012! The selection committee said:
“Crisp clear photographs of babies—smiling, frowning, yawning, silly and serious—are sure to capture the attention of young listeners who’ll likely return again and again to study the delightfully diverse faces found in this slim board book.”
Haven’t seen the book yet? Don’t miss it. I know you and your little ones will just fall in love with these babies.

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