Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Face Book has been included in the 50 best "Books for Babies" list!

"My Face Book" published by Star Bright Books, available in 10 Languages and English, has been included in the Read To Me, 50 best Books for Babies list.

Read to Me Launches 50 Best Books for Babies! “When introducing books to babies, the key is to choose the right books for the right time”, says the program’s director, Carol McDougall, “We are often asked by parents for guidance on selecting the best books to read to babies, and we felt that a list of titles specifically geared to babies would be a useful and welcome resource.” The books on the list were chosen by Read to Me with assistance from a group of Nova Scotia children’s librarians. The selected books contain strong rhythm and rhyme to help build vocabulary, feature bright colors and bold images for visual stimulation and help nurture bonding and attachment by encouraging playful interaction between parent and child. The Nova Scotia Provincial Library has purchased sets of the 50 Best Books for Babies for every library system in the province. Says McDougall, “We are so grateful for the support from the Provincial Library, which will help get these great books into the hands of families across Nova Scotia.” Thank you, Read To Me for including one of our favorite books in the 50 best Books for Babies!

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