Monday, June 30, 2014

Exciting new titles for Fall 2014!

Star Bright Books is thrilled to introduce some brand new titles to our collection this fall 2014! With stories ranging from one tired kangaroo mom’s much needed trip to the beach, to a collection of riddles that answer the much anticipated question “What animal needs a wig?,” our new publications are sure to delight any young reader. 

 In Harriet Can Carry It, author Kirk Jay Mueller and Illustrator Sarah Vonthron-Laver tell the story of Harriet the Kangaroo, a hardworking kangaroo mother who, after a tough week at work, packs up her little Joey and heads to the beach for some much needed time away. Told in thoughtful rhyming verse and packed with snapshots of Australia’s diverse community of animals, Harriet Can Carry It combines rich language and beautiful watercolors in a playful, endearing story of one mother’s search for peace, quiet, and some time off with her little boy.

 What animal is the best to tell jokes to? What animal is always in a bad mood? From where did a laughing hyena get its name? All these questions and more are answered in What Animal Needs a Wig?, the hilarious new addition to the Star Bright collection that invites young readers to explore both these pressing riddles, as well as the animal world in which they are based. With the perfect mixture of facts and humor, What Animal Needs a Wig? will provide readers with plenty of new and enlightening information, along with plenty of laughs.