Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summertime Stories

I started this post hoping to be able to report on any kind of literary celebration that was to take place/has already taken place at some point throughout the month of July. Having missed both Read Across America Day (though respects should be paid to the late, great Dr. Seuss every day of every month of every year), as well as National Poetry Month (April, for those who are so inclined), I was disappointed to find that there wasn’t any nationally ordained celebration of books during the month of July. Sadly, the only celebrations that I could find for July were ones of national independence (fun fact: Canada Day is July 1st, and Bastille Day (France) is the 14th), food (Blueberries and Ice Cream, the foods of summer) and good manners (National Cell Phone Courtesy Month: take note, dinner-table occupants). To some of these I say, frankly but fondly, bah humbug.

In opposition, I propose that we use this month to appreciate all of the books that make us feel warm and welcome, like nice weather or a day at the beach. I propose that we use some of our down-time to experience the books, whether newly purchased or plucked from a dusty shelf, that stick out in our minds and make us feel inspired, moved, or fulfilled. For the parents of young children, these are the days that count; fill them with memories and love and beautiful words and stories. Pick up a book and hunker down with your little one, whether inside or outside, under the sun or by a fire, and help them as they embark on adventures that, while imaginary, are everlastingly valuable.

Here are some summer stories, courtesy of Star Bright, that would make a great start!

Harriet Can Carry It
                by Kirk Jay Mueller
               Art by Sarah Vonthron-Laver
Follow Harriet the Kangaroo as she goes on an adventure to the beach with her little Joey. Looking for some time off after a long week at work, Harriet packs her little boy in her humongous pouch and sets off looking for some rest and relaxation. But appearances by her many marsupial neighbors make Harriet's journey both difficult and troubling, as Harriet tries to accommodate all of their requests to carry their things until finally....

Beach Socks
by Michael J. Daley
Art by Estelle Corke

No more shoes! No more socks! shouts the young boy in Beach Socks, a book by Michael J. Daley and Estelle Corke that mixes beautiful illustrations and charming descriptions in a delightful story of one child's day at the beach.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The American Academy of Pediatrics Recommends: Star Bright Books!

Star Bright Books has recently been included in an American Academy of Pediatrics list of recommended titles for babies and toddlers! The list, thoughtfully titled “Books to Start a Lifetime of Reading,” is inspired by the organization's advice for all parents to promote “reading together as a daily fun family activity.” The academy, which has famously advocated for the development of early literacy skills in the past, previously stated that early reading "can enhance parent-child relationships and prepare young minds to learn language and early literacy skills." With this mission still a priority, the Academy has put together this list in the hopes of putting great books in the hands of every committed parent, and of inspiring a magnificent world of stories to take root in the ever-growing, ever-hungry, and ever-curious minds of young readers. Star Bright Books is both incredibly honored to be included on this list, as well as enormously proud of our growing collection of titles, titles that, in the warm words of the Academy, are "beautiful books for you and your children to enjoy!"

Here are the amazing Star Bright titles that were included!

Books For Babies:

My Face Book
by Star Bright Books

Babies On the Go!
by Debby Slier

Are You My Baby?
by Kathleen Rizzi

   Carry Me
by Star Bright Books

by Star Bright Books

Books for Toddlers

Hip, Hop
by Catherine Hnatov

How Many?
by Cheryl Christian

Big Box for Ben
by Deborah Bruss
Art by Tomek Bogacki

Animal Colors
by Brian Wildsmith

Amazing Animal Alphabet
by Brian Wildsmith


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More New Titles For The Fall!

Arriving alongside our brand new titles this upcoming fall are two new installations in the Teach Your Children Well and Backpack Baby series. Marking the return of two of Star Bright’s favorite protagonists—Madison, the young girl who is always on the look out for a good life lesson, and Jacob, the now adolescent “Backpack Baby”— these new titles are perfect additions to their much-celebrated series. 

So be on the look out, fans both new and old, as these new publications will not disappoint!

In Madison and the New Neighbors, Dr. Vanita Braver’s young protagonist faces yet another important lesson regarding how to treat people who are different from us. Given a new mission—to sell enough candy and to raise enough money to earn a school t-shirt—Madison calls upon her neighbors to support her in her feat. Eager to approach many of her neighbors, Madison, despite her need, absolutely refuses to go to visit the Patel’s, a family who has recently moved to the neighborhood from India with their young daughter, Seema. Filled with thoughtful conversations between parent and child about the virtues of acceptance and diversity, young readers will follow alongside Madison as she grows from a reluctant peer into a more tolerant, accepting, and welcoming friend.

In Jacob’s Little Sister, Jacob the Backpack Baby has not only gotten older, but is now a big brother! No longer carried on his father’s back, Jacob delights in helping his father take care of his baby sister, a wild girl who is always escaping from her stroller to run around at the park. Though Jacob loves his little sister, she can be so much to handle! It’s hard, but Jacob never fails to meet his responsibility, knowing and accepting the fact that it’s a big brother’s job to take care of his little sister.

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