Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More New Titles For The Fall!

Arriving alongside our brand new titles this upcoming fall are two new installations in the Teach Your Children Well and Backpack Baby series. Marking the return of two of Star Bright’s favorite protagonists—Madison, the young girl who is always on the look out for a good life lesson, and Jacob, the now adolescent “Backpack Baby”— these new titles are perfect additions to their much-celebrated series. 

So be on the look out, fans both new and old, as these new publications will not disappoint!

In Madison and the New Neighbors, Dr. Vanita Braver’s young protagonist faces yet another important lesson regarding how to treat people who are different from us. Given a new mission—to sell enough candy and to raise enough money to earn a school t-shirt—Madison calls upon her neighbors to support her in her feat. Eager to approach many of her neighbors, Madison, despite her need, absolutely refuses to go to visit the Patel’s, a family who has recently moved to the neighborhood from India with their young daughter, Seema. Filled with thoughtful conversations between parent and child about the virtues of acceptance and diversity, young readers will follow alongside Madison as she grows from a reluctant peer into a more tolerant, accepting, and welcoming friend.

In Jacob’s Little Sister, Jacob the Backpack Baby has not only gotten older, but is now a big brother! No longer carried on his father’s back, Jacob delights in helping his father take care of his baby sister, a wild girl who is always escaping from her stroller to run around at the park. Though Jacob loves his little sister, she can be so much to handle! It’s hard, but Jacob never fails to meet his responsibility, knowing and accepting the fact that it’s a big brother’s job to take care of his little sister.

Keep an eye out for these new titles and visit our website (www.starbrightbooks.com) for more information on all of our publications.

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