Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The American Academy of Pediatrics Recommends: Star Bright Books!

Star Bright Books has recently been included in an American Academy of Pediatrics list of recommended titles for babies and toddlers! The list, thoughtfully titled “Books to Start a Lifetime of Reading,” is inspired by the organization's advice for all parents to promote “reading together as a daily fun family activity.” The academy, which has famously advocated for the development of early literacy skills in the past, previously stated that early reading "can enhance parent-child relationships and prepare young minds to learn language and early literacy skills." With this mission still a priority, the Academy has put together this list in the hopes of putting great books in the hands of every committed parent, and of inspiring a magnificent world of stories to take root in the ever-growing, ever-hungry, and ever-curious minds of young readers. Star Bright Books is both incredibly honored to be included on this list, as well as enormously proud of our growing collection of titles, titles that, in the warm words of the Academy, are "beautiful books for you and your children to enjoy!"

Here are the amazing Star Bright titles that were included!

Books For Babies:

My Face Book
by Star Bright Books

Babies On the Go!
by Debby Slier

Are You My Baby?
by Kathleen Rizzi

   Carry Me
by Star Bright Books

by Star Bright Books

Books for Toddlers

Hip, Hop
by Catherine Hnatov

How Many?
by Cheryl Christian

Big Box for Ben
by Deborah Bruss
Art by Tomek Bogacki

Animal Colors
by Brian Wildsmith

Amazing Animal Alphabet
by Brian Wildsmith


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