Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Three frightfully fun books to get you and your children in the Halloween spirit!

Spook the Halloween Cat, by Dean Norman, tells the story of two very different witches and a magical, mischievous cat. A witch, Hexabell, comes across a lost kitten and grants him magical powers. On Halloween night, she takes the newly magical cat out for a ride on her broom. The cat slips and falls to the ground. When Karen, a young girl dressed as a witch on Halloween night, finds the magical cat, she takes him home and names him Spook. Spook has a difficult decision to make: stay with the witch who gave him magical abilities, or give up his powers and stay with Karen who loves him very much. In a comic book format, this colorful laugh out loud Halloween tale will not leave you spooked!

What does a witch do when her witchy spells and potions don’t turn out right? This is the dilemma that faces our little witch when her witchy plans just don’t go the way they’re supposed to. Written and illustrated by Lorna Balian, one of the most beloved children book authors, Humbug Witch tells the story of a little witch but with a twist. We often hear from our readers that this is a book generations read together–a mother’s childhood favorite becomes her daughter’s favorite Halloween tale. Humbug Witch is an endearing classic that delightfully surprises readers at the end. 

It’s a dark and spooky Halloween night, and little witches abound in this rollicking, rhyming adventure. Witches, by Cheryl Christian and illustrated by Wish Williams tells the story which features all the fun, fantasy, and treats – but none of the tricks – of a Halloween night to remember. What’s uniquely memorable about Witches is amongst the capering and masked fun witches, readers see little witches with braces on their legs and in wheelchairs. The importance of including children of all abilities, a value that Star Bright Books prides itself on, is quietly, yet vividly presented in this book.