Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How Constance Anderson’s book Smelling Sunshine supports California’s new law, Right to Dry

In Smelling Sunshine Anderson illustrates how clothes are being hung to dry in the breeze and sunshine around the world and how children everywhere revel in the fun of helping with the laundry.

Yet how many of us know that in many states across the county hanging clothes outside to dry is “illegal”? “Unsightly,” that is one of the reasons it is banned. But things are changing. The Governor of California has signed the bill to prohibit banning drying laundry outside and California becomes a “Right to Dry” state, where the very smell of the sun that inspired Anderson to create Smelling Sunshine.

Although Anderson says she claims no responsibility for the new law, her book, Smelling Sunshine is certainly an inspiration to many people to look at drying laundry differently and reminding them how enjoyable and communal it can be. Let alone saving energy.

We remember when we first received Anderson’s drawings of Smelling Sunshine, how extraordinarily beautiful it was that captures one of the most ordinary chores in our daily life, that is somehow lost in the electronic driven, over developed world we live in while it still exists in much of the world.

Editor of, Bray wrote a nice piece about the new law, quoting Anderson’s heartwarming message. “When we hung laundry together, we slowed down to take in the sights and smells and sounds of the world around us, which brought us closer. Then, at the end of the day, I would pull up the covers and that wonderful smell of the outdoors and its memories, what I call the smell of sunshine, was in the sheets.”
To read a full article of Bray, click here.

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