Friday, January 29, 2016

Easter is on its way… and here are two eggciting books for Easter baskets!

Lorna Balian’s classic Humbug Rabbit is now available in a new edition just in time to welcome spring.

After a long winter, it’s a pleasure to look forward to Easter Sunday, colored eggs, and egg hunts. Throw in a mystery and a tricky cat and the fun is doubled! 

Granny is preparing a an Easter egg hunt for her grandchildren while in the burrow below her house, the Rabbit children are convinced that their father is the Easter Bunny. (A mouse told them so.) “Humbug!” announces Father Rabbit. “Rabbits don’t lay eggs.”

Eggs disappear, are found, and disappear again.   What is happening at Granny’s house?  Laugh along as you see who discovers the Easter eggs and the surprises that are hatching all over the place.  Humbug Rabbit is a perfect read aloud book for children of all ages.

For readers who enjoy madcap fun, there is The Great Eggscape by Susan Glass.  Puns abound in this riotous tale of two rotten eggs running amok mashing potatoes, tossing the salad aside, and causing food fights galore.  It takes one smart cookie to beat these two bad eggs.


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