Monday, February 15, 2016

You Have an Idea for a Children’s Picture Book…

Now what?

You have a picture book idea. You’d like to write a children’s book and have it published.  Where do you turn to learn the process of writing a children’s book and submitting a manuscript?

You should start at your local library. Libraries not only have books on writing and publishing, but the Children’s Room is filled with books you should read to get a feel for what makes a picture book a pleasure to read to a child.

Notice how the text is spread out on the pages. How does the author describe the action, the characters, and use the dialogue to move the story along?  Look at the name of the publisher in the front of the book. Notice what kinds of books each publisher chooses to publish.

At Star Bright Books, some of the books we have published recently are:

Do you have a manuscript that would be of interest to us?

If you want to submit a manuscript to a publisher, please visit the publishers’ website for the guidelines. Visit Star Bright Books to see our guidelines .

Please follow the guidelines if you want your manuscript read.

FYI:  Publishers find the illustrators for the manuscripts they accept.  You don’t need to have your story illustrated. You can add notes about how you picture a scene, but remember that editors are used to imagining what a book will look like.

What’s the worst thing you do? The worst thing you can do is to call the publisher to pitch your idea. You aren’t likely to get to speak to an editor, and you show that you haven’t done your homework. 

Let me recommend a terrific book about getting a children’s book published. It’s The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Children’s Books by Harold Underdown.
Harold Underdown is an editor with a wealth of experience.  Harold also has a website you should visit regularly.

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